By Andy Lewis

Rome wasn't built in a day

There have been many developments behind the scenes, summing up to a period of R&Discovery. 

Some behind-the-scenes happenings:

I (Andy) have been experimenting with AI tools ChatGPT and MidJourney. I decided to develop some playing cards whose images I first generated with MidJourney, then design the layout in Illustrator and compile it with InDesign. I'm almost ready to send them to the printers to be made into a physical deck. I've also been in the mountains, trying to snowboard as much as the weather permits. Some other applications I'm using ChatGPT for are to help design this site's layout! There's still a learning curve to get things just how you want, but I see the value and possibilities and plan to commit more time to learn to use AI tools and build out this site. 


Emma's been painting, working on developing a kid's art book, and began diving into Blender! She's been out on the mountain with Andy on Ski's and is getting the groove of it. 


Naturah's been developing an album and some visuals in Unreal Engine. He's distant, but we expect him to come out of his shell soon. 


We're feeling energized and ready to build after our research and discovery phase. We are heading back towards the NYC area in a week to rock and roll. You should expect more frequent updates. :)